** Shri Ganeshaay Namha **
** Shri Laxmi - Kamla Charan Kamlabhyoo Namha **
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Indian Astrology, called the Jyotisha, is universal and timeless. Jyotisha is one of the most time-tested and oldest systems of astrology in the world. In Western countries, it is called Vedic astrology, which refers to Indian or Hindu astrology. Indian astrology reflects the understanding and experience of ancient spiritual teachers regarding the facts of life.
Pandit Ji is from the family of purohits. Highly qualified as he did Ph.d in Sanskrit (Puran). Since 1989, served in Indian in Meerut and different cities. Pandit Ji is serving the society in Calgary and surrounding area since 2005 now. Served in Calgary Hindu Temple for 3 years. When people need spiritual guidance in any matter of their life, Pandit Ji always recommends solutions, which bring peace in people’s life. His noteworthy quality is his always positive attitude and advising people, without misguiding them for his own gain. He is contributing in building characters of the children of our society. FREE Hindi and Sanskrit learning classes are available for the children, to heritage the culture. Lots of services are available to society from Pandit Ji, like Performing Puja (Yagya), Patri Matching, Stone (Nag) and Vaastu. If you have any questions about your life matters, you can call Pandit Ji at 403-397-6478 or email him.
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